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  • What is GeocachinGO?
    We aim to revolutionize the traditional game of geocaching by introducing a novel concept that involves nfts and web3 technology. Our vision is to offer an unparalleled experience to players, where they can engage in a fun activity that encourages them to venture outside and hunt for hidden treasures, all while gaining rewards for their finds. GeocachinGO not only serves as an enjoyable pastime, but also as a proactive measure against climate change, and has the potential to even become a source of income for players.
  • Will Geocachingo be available worldwide?
    Yes, we are committed to making the Geocachingo game accessible and playable to users worldwide.
  • How does GeocachinGO generate revenue?
    GeocachinGO will generate revenue through a variety of sources, including in-game transactions fees, the sale of Wishbone NFTs, and in-app purchases for cosmetic items and other items.
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